I have started out the year strong and have boldly challenged myself to a 48 book total on my Goodreads challenge for 2019. Travel, work commitments, and life in general conspired to dampen my reading fire in the last quarter of 2018 and it did nothing to improve my mood. So, when I took some time over Christmas and the new year to read and listen to audiobooks that were stacking up around me, it set me right for the beginning of a new year. My attitude to life is significantly improved by a steady reading quota. Much in the same way that exercise boosts my energy and general disposition, reading keeps me relaxed and adjusts my perspective. It seems that the simple things I recognize as keeping me healthy and happy are the first to go when I get busy (isn’t that always the way?) and it doesn’t take too long for life to feel chaotic with those simple things gone.

It was time for a reset.

So far I have 9 books completed of the 48 book challenge which puts me 3 books ahead of schedule. It makes me smile, but I’m not taking that for granted. It is bitterly cold here right now and it gets dark very early in the evening. I work from my home office and spending a lot of time on my own in a house on the edge of a massive forest at this time of year gives me hour upon hour of free time…even if I work a 12 hour day.

Good old girl, ignoring me reading to her

I am a very lucky woman when it comes to the perfect reading spot. My good old dog and I sit in comfy soft leather chairs in the miraculous silence and I read. Sometimes I read to the dog. She pays no attention at all, but I have fun with the voices and imagine recording an audio book for a while before sinking back into the story and the silence again.

When my husband is home he has newly taken to reading by my side for while in the evening, instead of retreating to watch television, and this makes my heart smile.

I hope that the momentum lasts, now I just have to get the exercise moving in the same direction…

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